Serendipity of a Recurring Passion

“Es igual pero no parecido” she said and her mouth giggled with the smirk on her face that for so many a year had haunted his dreams and memories. “Yes” he said. “Aint it the truth” and they both embraced in each others arms while the wind whistled and sang of their everlasting love through time and space.
“What are we to do with all this love, with all these unspent feelings, with all the memories?” they asked themselves while their eyes seeked answers in the depths of their own mistakes and acheivements. “I guess there is nothing at all to do but love each other until our lives extinguish” he said. “Yes, maybe in the aeternal life we will find ourselves again and bask in this beatiful and pure love”. He closed his eyes imagining that scenario, he sighed while he hughed the very air out of her lungs.
“You have no idea how much I Love you” he said. “Yes, yes I do my dear”, she said “because I love you as well, all these years have not been in vain, I have kept you near, where all those memories of love are warm beside my heart”.
“Indeed, es igual pero no parecido” he said this time with a shot of laughter and a slight tremor of adrenaline coursing through his already excited body. “For if its the same but not similar, I wonder how many people in this known universe are going through this?. And the very thought of this scenario made him steal a kiss from her lips. “Hey stranger”, she said. “Dont get comfy stealing kisses from me, lest you start to like them again”. “Oh, I thought you liked my kisses” he said. She sighed and hugged him again. “You really have no idea my hairy beast, you really havent got the slightest.
The wind kept whistling over the treetops, singing its song of love for these two desperate souls, sailing in a universe of a complex love. Pure love, real love. A love that will one day set them free. They embraced once again and she rested her head in his manly chest, breathing his essence and remembering all the times that body had been hers . “I love you” she said. “I love you even more” he answered in her ear… Ohh darling I know she thought, and closed her eyes listening to the wind.



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