I shot my dog today

I shot my dog today

I was filled with a blind rage.

Now my friend is gone

I left myself all alone.

I was having a bad day

so I shot the dog today.

I grabbed my gun

and shot her in the head.

Now im empty

now im gone.

I have nowhere to run

but to walk straight to hell.

I am stupid, I am dumb

Im serial killer on the run.

The innocent shall perish

and the guilty roam the earth.

No humanity, no kindness

no future, only despair.

Time will pass and ill be gone

a promise of better days.

If I only had the guts

to do unto myself what I done to her.

Then there would be peace

then there would be justice.

But im a coward, im a dick

im a selfish little prick.

I shot my dog today

the only friend I had.


2 comentarios to “I shot my dog today”

    • Hey Aaron
      Nope, i aint ok. But im hangin in there. trying to cope with the consequences. Hopefully there is a greater meaning to the things we do in this life. And from there we can afford to live with our decisions.

      Thanks for asking.


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