Toxic Gas, Radiation and Mel

Originally published at:
Pajamaas Media

Hidden behind a large shrub near the ten-foot concrete wall surrounding the compound, Ahud bent over and carefully aimed the small metallic disk that was protruding from the top of the black box he had placed on the ground. With a flip of a switch on its side, a red laser painted a tiny dot on a large window on the second floor where his target was hiding, showing exactly where the signal from the disk would hit. With his aim confirmed, he switched off the laser and pushed the large red button on the other side of the box. A faint hum began to emanate from the small weapon and Ahud knew that within seconds, deadly high-frequency radiation would fill the room on the second floor. In another 10 to 15 minutes, that radiation would begin to make its way throughout the entire embassy structure.

Reaching up to his right ear, Ahud pressed the small button on his radio earpiece and transmitted over an encrypted frequency the predetermined code words indicating the successful deployment of the weapon. From his hidden position on the other side of the embassy, Samuel acknowledged his partner Ahud’s call, and he then opened the valve of a small cylinder filled with a toxic and mind-altering concentrated gas. A clear tube ran from the valve to the air-conditioning system of the building, and although it would take at least 30 minutes for the gas to make its way through all the ventilation ducts, the colorless and odorless agent would remain suspended in the air for days, eventually causing a painful death to any creature that ingested it.

With deadly radiation and toxic gas now filling the embassy, Ahud and Samuel retreated to the locations they had picked out earlier so one of them could cover the front exit of the building while the other covered the rear. Their hidden positions gave them a clear shot with their silenced rifles just in case the radiation and the toxic gas failed to kill their target. It did not matter to either of the Israeli mercenaries which method would accomplish their task; all they knew was that a deposed dictator was hiding inside the building and their mission was to make sure he never made it out alive.

In a complete Tom clancy fashion.
That Mel really is a dumbass



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